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When you make the decision to live on an island, you have made a choice to prioritize quality over quantity, experience over expedience, and content over convenience. Here on Lummi Island, we know our neighbors, wave at those driving by and stop for a chat when we encounter a neighbor on the road. It’s not a hurried place, nor is it a place where one would come to find the latest deals, or engage in the newest fads - it is a place to go when all that the rest of the world offers has worn you to a frazzle, and you need to get back to what is important. The people that you’ll meet here have made a very deliberate choice to leave the mainstream, and engage the extraordinary; the smells, the sights, the sounds, and the flavors of the islands. So it is no surprise then, that this should be the home of The Willows Inn and Restaurant that the New York Times has dubbed one of “10 Restaurants Worth a Plane Ride,” nor should it be a surprise that this is the birth place of the Island Tonic Company, the home of truly legitimate tonic. The Island Tonic Company was started by Jeff Campbell, and Penny Stone, long-time islanders, and dedicated foodies.

Jeff teaches, and created all of the Marine Science, and Aquatic Ecology-related courses at the local Indian College, while Penny runs the transplanting crews at Cascade Cuts, a local nursery featuring organic vegetable starts, and sustainable nursery-culture. We landed on Lummi Island seventeen years ago while looking for a place where we could be close to both the Orcas that Penny had become so passionate about while she was commercial fishing in Alaska, and the University where Jeff was working on his Masters in Marine and Estuarine Science. We plan on dying here, but would like to put that particular goal off as long as possible!  In the mean time, we're making premium tonic.

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