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About Island Tonic Company

The Island Tonic Company is owned by Jeff and Penny. Jeff teaches marine ecology at the Northwest Indian College in Bellingham, WA, and drives a whale watching boat on weekends in the summer.  Pen has been a marine naturalist aboard whale watch boats in the San Juan Islands for many years, and considers the Southern Resident Orcas part of our family.

We do what we love, but we ain’t getting rich!  So, we decided to start Island Tonic to supplement our meager incomes in an effort to put together a retirement.  We know we aren’t alone, welcome to the NewWorld Order.

As a couple, the most important thing to us is the health of the planet, and particularly the Southern Resident Orcas.  Help us to help the Orcas.  Every purchase of NeverClear brand tonic concentrate helps contribute to research aimed at helping these spectacular animals with whom we share this amazing place.  

Thanks for helping,
 Jeff & Penny